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Mark Santangelo

Meet Mark

Mark began his mastering career in 2000 at Sony Music Studios until he made his move to The Mastering Palace in 2014. Highlights of his mastering credits include The Weeknd’s ‘Trilogy’, Neon Trees ‘Habits’, Neil Diamond’s ‘Home Before Dark’, Slipknot’s ‘The Gray Chapter’ (for vinyl) and Metallica’s ‘Helping Hands 2020’.

Just a fraction of his extensive vinyl-cutting repertoire of over 20 years includes acts such as; Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Kanye West, Metallica, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Logic, Alicia Keys, Ozzy Ozbourne, AC/DC, Juice WRLD, Katy Perry, Blink 182, System Of A Down, P!nk, Childish Gambino, Korn…

“With my experience, I take pride in being one of the few mastering engineers who can deliver top-of-the-line mastering for digital streaming and also cut that same quality to vinyl.” – Mark Santangelo


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